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MANITOBA INTERFAITH IMMIGRATION COUNCIL INC. ANNUAL REPORT 2014 - 2015 We support equitable treatment of all persons and embrace cross-cultural differences. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council is to welcome and provide settlement services for refugees and immigrants living in Manitoba. VISION STATEMENT To be the leader in Manitoba in providing settlement services for refugees and immigrants. DIVERSITY We support equitable treatment of all persons and embrace cross-cultural differences. RIGHTS FOR ALL We welcome all without bias. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. ON THE COVER Painting by Gibril Bangura from his collection Happy Paintings. Gibril Bangura is a painter from Sierra Leone and has been living in Winnipeg for the past year. He is a client of MIIC and an inspiration to many. Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc. ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR and fiduciary responsibilities. Aside from some constitutional and process learning we also began more earnest conversations about fund development. Over the past few years with changes in government funding and continued demand for now unfunded services MIIC has to launch into fund raising an aspect of organizational management that has not been a part of MIICs history. It will be a process for the Board and the staff to adapt to the new realities we face collectively to be successful in our fund raising endeavours. Our hope is that the greater community will respond to our sincere requests for funds so that the excellent services will continue to be provided for those arriving and those settling in Manitoba. I am reading a management book called Yes to the Mess by Frank J. Barrett. He suggests that organizations facing complexity and change be approached with innovation. While innovating we dont dwell on mistakes or stifle ideas but we work like jazz musicians through improvization. Sounds simple yet improvization requires listening trusting sharing learning practicing and at the same time creating something beautiful. He writes Change that endures is about designing organization structures to sustain successful existing procedures while simultaneously triggering improvisation and creativity beyond existing capabilities. Our hope is to live beyond our current existence and move into a future where we are resourced to serve the vulnerable people who arrive at our doorstep. We look towards strengthened relationships with those who believe in our mission and who will support us in our work. We have hope that lives will be stabilized and strengthened. My sincere appreciation is extended to Rita and the entire staff of MIIC who work with compassion spirit and dedication. Thank you to all the Board members who also give of their time and expertise. Ruth Magnuson Board Chair The wait is long. The work of welcoming and settling never ends. We wonder whats next Who wonders Refugees displaced persons waiting persons children mothers fathers settlement workers life skills trainers the newly landed the staff and the Board. Lives change. Organizations change. Change is always present. Change is good. Change is challenging. We have hope The Board of Directors undertook an extensive review of our Constitution and policies. One significant change is in our Board membership. We remain a faith-based Board currently with representatives from eight faith groups. Each faith group can appoint two representatives. We acknowledged that sometimes this system doesnt allow us the opportunity to recruit Board members with expertise that might be required such as human resources or technical expertise. To solve this we currently have two positions that are Community-at-Large positions. Our hope is that we are better positioning ourselves to conduct our legal ethical 3 REPORT FROM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The world refugee crisis is at an all-time high with over fifty-one million displaced people worldwide. For nearly seventy years Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council MIIC has welcomed refugees and reunited families from all over the world. From April 1 2014 to March 31 2015 we welcomed 513 Government Assisted Refugees GARs the greatest number of arrivals in recent years. It is what we do best .welcome and serve some of the most vulnerable people in the world who arrive at our doorstep. Following a year of significant transition 2014-2015 was a year of adjustments for MIIC on many levels client services programs funding community engagement reorganization farewells and planning for new opportunities. Details of our client services and programs are well documented in the individual reports these reports reflect our staffs tremendous commitment and dedication towards our clients. While we celebrated achievements we continue to tackle ongoing challenges. Sustainable funding for our Sponsorship and In-Canada Protection Services Program is a significant concern for us. Affordable clean sustainable housing for our clients remains a priority. We continue to engage legislative decision makers community groups and private sector supporters to make affordable housing a national agenda and government priority. Following the sudden death of our IT Manager Masoud Moradi we were fortunate to have the support and gentle guidance of our new IT consultant Sumegha Gupta NSD Tech who helped us manage the transition and introduce us to new possibilities and emerging technologies. Last year was also a year of farewells for some long standing employees and an opportunity to welcome new ones. ACTION EXPRESSES PRIORITIES - Mahatma Gandhi In 2015 We Will Build Collaborate Nurture 513Government Assisted Refugees 4 Our vision and hope for the future is to be the leader in Manitoba in providing settlement services for refugees and immigrants. In 2015 we will continue to Invest in our staff through ongoing professional development Review and enhance our client service Embrace and implement emerging technologies Work with our funders to ensure economies in program delivery Explore new program opportunities Reunite more refugee families with loved ones in Manitoba Build collaborate with and nurture our partnerships with sister organizations provincially and nationally Thank you to our staff for working together as we charted new territories and looked for improvements in the way we serve our clients. Your loyalty and commitment has not gone unnoticed. A very special thanks to members of our Executive team Barb Fletcher Marta Kalita and Magaly Guzman de Diaz for their knowledge and professionalism in moving us forward to a model of service excellence. None of what we do is possible without vision and leadership of a committed Board. My personal thanks to our Board Chair Ruth Magnuson for her guidance. Thank you to all our funders especially core funders Citizenship and Immigration Canada and United Way Winnipeg for your financial support. And finally I thank you all for being a part of our journey. Rita Chahal Executive Director It has been my privilege and I am humbled to have served at MIIC for the past two years. I cannot deny that at times it has been challenging but what drives me is the people that surround and support me. 5 Refugees bring many gifts to our nation. They bring education artistry deep beliefs and values experience courage and strong familial bonds. They contribute to our economy our faith lives and our cultural lives. Up to two years of financial support from CIC and additional support from sponsors faith group Ethno-cultural organization. Removed from their country of origin or the country of temporary asylum due to an immediate life threatening circumstance. Sponsored by CIC who are arriving to join the families already in Winnipeg mostly minors. Clients in need of additional support. Joint Assistance Sponsorship Urgent Protection Program One Year Window High Need Cases 5 6691Syria 8 OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Our client needs are complex with often interrelated issues. More often than once various logistical issues present complex problem-solving opportunities that are outside the box. Some of the logistical issues include Interim Federal Health Program Coverage IFH - not all of our clients are equally covered under IFH. Unpredictable Arrivals - we dont know much ahead of time when and who is arriving. - lack of information about health conditions. Data Collection System - demands put on our staff to report interventions that are not part of the iCARE data collection infrastructure. - complexity of iCARE data collection. I hope that we as a society can appreciate this contribution so together we can create welcoming and flourishing communities. - Marta Kalita Director of Settlement Services 9 SUCCESS STORY OF GIBRIL BANGURA AN INSPIRATION TO MANY Gibril fled from Sierra Leone to Guinea in 1998 due to political persecution. The persecution came due to his paintings which exposed the underbelly of government powers. He lived in Guinea as a political refugee until he was granted resettlement to Canada in February 2014. From the age of seven Gibril lived on the streets of Freetown. It was during these years that he found solace and inspiration in his imagination. He loved to draw on the beaches with a sharpened stick creating a whole new world. 12 years old an American man met Gibril and placed him in an orphanage. It was here that he received his first set of colours which changed his life. Gibril was compelled to share his gift of art and as an adult he reached out to less fortunate youth and women. He opened his home teaching art batik and tie dye as well as being a motivational speaker in prisons. Now in Winnipeg Gibril hopes to one day open up a centre in the inner city to help young people get away from gangs and street life. Anyone with access to cable television and the internet will not have trouble finding out more about Gibril. Since arriving in Winnipeg he has been interviewed by Global TV CBC TV Definitely Not The Opera DNTO Radio Show Afterspeed on CBC Radio The Winnipeg Free Press CJOB Radio The Metro News The Uniter and The Community News Commons. Additionally he has been giving sold out Art Talks at the Edge Gallery and art workshops at the Frame Art Warehouse. MIIC is the organization that received Gibril and his family upon arriving in Manitoba. The Bangura family stayed at the Welcome Place for 10 days and were made to feel at home immediately. Integration was made possible by the life skills trainer and the settlement counsellor provided by Welcome Place. After viewing his work within three days the staff connected him with CBC and the media buzz on his art and his family began to grow. The relationship between the Bangura family and Welcome Place remains strong up to today. Gibril has a studio at Frame Arts Warehouse where he paints every day to bring his collection of Happy Paintings. He also volunteers his time as an interpreter at the Manitoba Museum. His work has been dubbed Happy Paintings because they are vibrant and they bring joy to the heart when you see them. His pieces are therapeutic and he hopes his work brings healing joy and courage to all that view his work. Gibril can be reached at Gibril Bangura is a painter from Sierra Leone and has been living in Winnipeg for the past year. His first exhibition was at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris France at the age of 19. He has been a full-time artist for the last 26 years. Had it not been for Welcome Place Gibril admits that he may not have been able to achieve all of his recent success in Winnipeg. 11 SETTLEMENT DEPARTMENT LIFE SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAM Our three dedicated Life Skills staff members and 26 casual Life Skills Trainers LSTs make up the Life Skills Training Program. All services are provided to our clients in their first languages ensuring training and skills development with utmost efficiency. 26 LIFE SKILL TRAINERS ARE CORE OF DEPARTMENT 5647 HOURS OF SERVICES PROVIDED As a part of Settlement Services the Life Skills Training Program supports our clients in acquiring practical life skills and Canadian practices. Our life skills trainers work an average of 25 to 30 hours with clients to provide basic life skill training across a variety of areas including SETTLEMENT DEPARTMENT LIFE SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAM Rights and Responsibilities Hygiene Banking Budgeting and Shopping Accommodation Maintenance Nutritional Activities Neighbourhood Orientation and Transportation Average Hours Spent With a Client 25-30 Family Safety including fire safety and food handling Resourceful resilient and adaptable is how I would describe our clients. We support them as they harness their skills in adapting to their new life in Winnipeg. Witnessing their success has been a rewarding experience. - Marceline Ndayumvire Manager Life Skills Training Program 12 NUTRITION PROGRAM AT MANITOBA INTERFAITH IMMIGRATION COUNCIL INC. We are pleased to have established a formal agreement with N.E.E.D.S. Inc. to share life skills staff resources. In 2014-15 we piloted a nutritional program for our clients and their families. The program trained participants to prepare a balanced meal and snacks and taught table manners. The Program provided a supplementary benefit in the form of improving the participants fluency with English words connected to food and cooking. MIIC will continue piloting similar programs in 2015-16. 180 Clients from 12 Countries attended cooking sessions 16 cooking sessions 7snack sessions 13 Welcome Place has 30 apartments with the capacity to host up to 120 individuals. HOUSING DEPARTMENT RECEPTION SERVICES Housing and Reception Services is the second largest department within MIIC with a staff complement of a program manager three housing counsellors a maintenancedriver a caretaker and a housekeeper. HOUSING DEPARTMENT RECEPTION SERVICES The summer of 2014 was the busiest with a huge number of unexpected arrivals. MIIC had to take the unusual steps of providing commercial accommodation for several families and individuals. Services provided by the department include housekeeping for preparing the units for arrivals working with clients and settlement staff to find permanent housing assisting with the formal move working with landlords to 436 50 74 SINGLE GARS INDIVIDUALS MOVED TO THEIR PERMANENT ACCOMMODATIONS In 2014-15 we operated at an average 70 occupancy. ACCOMMODATED AT OUR TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION AVERAGE NO. OF DAYS IN FINDING PERMANENT ACCOMMODATION 89 FAMILIES negotiate terms on behalf of clients submitting applications on behalf of clients for subsidized housing and rental supplements dealing with client medical emergencies during weekends and responding to other emergency situations in the temporary accommodations. 14 Sharing results from a housing research project that we partnered with the University of Winnipeg led MIIC to establish an agreement with the Provincial Government for rent-supplement for our clients. research projects. We appreciate the continued support from Winnipeg Housing Sam Management and D-7 Property Management for their assistance in providing affordable housing to our clients. We are especially appreciative of IRCOM House for accommodating thirteen families during 2014-15. We are also pleased to announce that MIIC is currently engaged in a long term housing study with Professor Ray Silvius from the University of Winnipeg. With engagement from local and national stakeholders this study is looking at addressing the housing issues faced by newcomer refugees in Winnipeg. The study is a result of work by one of our counsellors Hani Al-Ubeady in assisting University of Winnipeg students fulfill their academic requirements through mini 15 EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT VOLUNTEER PROGRAM EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT VOLUNTEER PROGRAM Staff and volunteers work directly with our residents to provide additional support in the early stages of their arrival at Welcome Place. Department staff also made presentations to various community groups including schools and universities. The Day of Caring project sponsored by United Way Winnipeg and volunteers from Great West Life was a huge success in creating our community garden and additional green space around the building for clients to enjoy. Additional services provided to clients include notary public Conversational English Club driving classes theoretical and completing Canadian citizenship applications. The healthy breakfast program was launched in 2014. This highly successful initiative offered Monday to Friday for children living at Welcome Place provides them with a hot breakfast before leaving for school. Staff and volunteers also provide nutritional information to accompanying parents and guide parents and children regarding appropriate outerwear for Manitoba weather especially for our harsh winters. Volunteers work with clients including those who have moved to a permanent residence to provide conversational English classes field trips site visits to local cultural arts and sporting venues and holiday celebrations. Thanks to the generous gift from Assiniboine Credit Union this year five youth who had just arrived at Welcome Place enjoyed a Jets game. MIIC clients also familiarize themselves with basic computer literacy skills offer through our computer classes. TOTAL ACTIVE VOLUNTEERS EXPERIENCED VOLUNTEERS FIRST TIME VOLUNTEERS COLLECTIVE LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY VOLUNTEERS 33 17 16 22 THE LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY VOLUNTEERS PERSIAN FARSI ENGLISH SPANISH RUSSIAN POLISH ARABIC TAMIL KISWAHILI SWAHILI MALAY TIGRIGNA SOMALI DARI PORTUGUESE URDU AMHARIC. 16 During 2014-15 The Volunteer Department open this Masoud Moradi Childrens Library in memory of our fellow co-worker MASOUD MORADI. 17 As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder SAH MIIC works with constituent groups to complete and submit applications for sponsoring family members left behind in refugee camps and other unsafe environments. We work with the group or an individual family to educate and train them with basic information and settlement services they need to provide when their loved ones arrive in Manitoba. MIIC is the only not-for-profit agency in Manitoba that provides comprehensive services to refugee claimants including completing and submitting applications and other paperwork for the clients hearing with the Refugee Board. We help clients look for temporary accommodation work and other supports while they wait for the application to be processed and their claim assessed by the Refugee Board. EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT PRIVATE SPONSORSHIP AND IN-CANADA PROTECTION The Private Sponsorship Program is designed to work directly with community groups and refugee claimant clients to reunite families through private sponsorships. Intake during 2014-2015 119 refugees sponsored by Constituent Groups 66 Children 31 Spouses 1 Parents or Grandparents 4 Others 4 Siblings 74 new refugee claimants sought protection services in Manitoba 400 privately sponsored refugees 18 MIIC worked with Kinbrace in 2014-15 a sister organization in British Columbia to produce a resource guide for claimants looking for and needing services in Manitoba. The document is being translated into several languages. Our biggest challenge for the program is the lack of funding for long term sustainability. Simply abandoning the program is not an option as there are applications for nearly 6000 people in the system whose lives will be at stake if not reunited with their loved ones. We will continue seeking support for this program from individuals private and community groups. At the present time there are more than 50 million refugees all over the world. These people are in urgent need of protection more than ever. Currently MIIC is helping about 6000 refugees reunite with their family members in Canada. Please help us help these people. Do your share by donating to MIICS Refugee Sponsorship and In-Canada Protection Program. - Quanhai Tonthat Manager Sponsorship Services 19 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT POWER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IS EXPONENTIAL In 2014-15 MIIC undertook a major review and overhaul of its IT services. With the expertise and guidance of Senior IT Consultant Sumegha Gupta from NSD Tech we leveraged the latest IT standards and training materials for MIIC staff. The department is now equipped and positioned to provide upgraded IT services while guiding staff in self-troubleshooting and common IT issues which results in increased operational efficiency. In-house design and production of organizational training marketing promotional and other print material in multiple languages is part of the department service. Dealing with sensitive client data the department provides secure development and administrative support for the client data management system. Stewardship of confidential client information and access security is a critical focus at Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council. Three High Efficiency Servers 60 Concurrent Users on Network 40 Desktops with 12 Laptops State of the Art Security and Biometrics System 20 Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - Steve Jobs Moving forward the department is working towards implementing more robust and location neutral data backup management by utilizing CLOUD service and introducing a new website strengthening MIICs position as one of the premier refugee service providers in Canada. Improving and providing overall service excellence for MIIC is part of our hope for the future. We have successfully implemented Google services for enterprise mailing and calendar. With this MIIC has been able to adopt the international best practices for email backup. The service now allows secured access to shared calendars and mail for our staff onoff site and on multiple authorized devices. GOOGLE APPS FOR WORK CASE-NOTE ENTRY SYSTEM A major improvement was in the design development and implementation of a reliable case-note entry system for Life Skills Trainers. This customized system reflects a modern responsive design that is adaptable to handheld and mobile devices. The system allows our Life Skill Trainers to report their activities in a more efficient organized and accurate manner while providing complete access monitoring with proper privacy and security. iCARE DATA VALIDATION TOOL Perhaps the most significant change that NSD Tech developed and implemented at MIIC was a new cloud based iCARE data validation tool. The data validation tool has drastically reduced error rate in submitting data to iCARE from over 60 to just under 2 21 OUR TEAM AT MIIC 2014 - 2015 MIIC BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2014-2015 CHAIR Ruth Magnuson VICE-CHAIR Emily Shane - resigned October 25 2014 Dev Dabas SECRETARY TREASURER PAST CHAIR Mohinder Dhillon Iqbal Siddiqui Peter Flynn DIRECTORS Sandy Chahal Heather Friesen Gail Schnabl Ezzat Ibrahim Joan Jarvis Monty Lomow Narendra Mathur Joseph Nnadi Rick Sauer EXECUTIVE AND ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM 2014-2015 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rita Chahal DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND OPERATIONS Magaly Guzman de Diaz DIRECTOR OF SETTLEMENT SERVICES Marta Kalita EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Barb Fletcher ACCOUNTANT Ali Jalili retired January 30 2015 EVENT AND RESEARCH SPECIALIST Karen Montgomery-Gibbes BOOKEEPER Margaret Aikenhead contract 22 MANAGEMENT TEAM 2014-2015 MANAGER RECEPTION SERVICES Alazar Negasi MANAGER LIFE SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAM Marceline Ndayumvire MANAGER SPONSORSHIP SERVICES Quanhai Tonthat MANAGER VOLUNTEER SERVICES Damarys Ramirez CO-MANAGER SETTLEMENT SERVICES Felicien Rubayita CO-MANAGER SETTLEMENT SERVICES Slobodan Mitrovic CO-MANAGER SETTLEMENT SERVICES Carlos Vialard resigned July 2014 IT MANAGER Late Masoud Moradi SENIOR IT CONSULTANT Sumegha Gupta NSD Tech contract PERMANENT EMPLOYEES 2014-2015 Athanase Mutana term Aurelio Madut Danto Azizeh Ferdowsi Badri Abdilahi Daya Laxmi Shrestha Dhirta Subedi Ermias Yoseph Fetheya Abdela Flora Aruna Fredy Perez Reynoso Fuad Abdulahi Genet Kassaye Ghezae Hagos Berhe Hani Al-Ubeady Hemanta Dahal Janet Steep Jean Pierre Venegas JP Mohamed Ali Damsho Olga Meehalchan Rob Schuman Sandra Burke Shakila Atayee Slone Phan Sunny Min Valentina Cerka Yohannes Yemane CASUAL EMPLOYEES 2014-2015 Abraham Mattiows Ahlam Jasim Almaz Negash Asegedech Biru Asha Mohammed Diriye Catherine Biaya Elizabeth Drewnisz Fatuma Nur Omar Francois Muhire Halima Berisso Hawa Haji Sufi Htoo Paw Htooku Lerwah Jean Bakundukize Loubna Lekikot Marie M Uwimbabazi Michael Habtom Nadia Ourrhi Nadia Yousofi Nasra Hassan Nikodimos Gezahegn Shahnaz Naghipur Uttara Adhikari 23 BREAKFAST PROGRAM VOLUNTEER PROGRAM - TRIP TO THE MUSEUM 2015 NATIONAL METROPOLIS CONFERENCE MEMORIESMEMORIES MREA SHELTER FOUNDATION VISIT ALIS RETIREMENT CELEBRATION 24 MASOUDS MEMORIAL CHILDRENS LIBRARY STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY ALIS RETIREMENT CELEBRATION CLIENT CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014-20152014-2015 VISIT FROM THE UOFW PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION 25 OURCLIENTSSUCCESSESAREOURSUCCESSES SINGLE MOM FROM NEPAL A single mother arrived from the UNHCR supported refugee camp in Nepal with her 3 year old daughter in November. She lived most of her life over 20 years in this refugee camp. As a result she had little education and very little understanding about life in the modern urban setting. She had no electricity no running water or modern washroom facility. She never used a stove fridge t.v. washing machine elevator or even toilet paper. However she was amazed to learn about these modern facilities. With the help of her Life Skills Trainer LST she quickly learned how to use these appliances how to take the bus to go places how to shop in a large grocery store etc. She is very thankful for the opportunity to learn these basic life skills and is very determined to learn English so she can get a good job. PREGNANT WIFE AND HUSBAND WITH AMPUTATED LEG A family of three from Eritrea mother father 1 year old child arrived 6 months ago as Privately Sponsored Refugees PSRs. Both parents have very limited English but the husband was very eager to look for a job the mother stays home with the baby. The main reason for them to access our services was they needed help to tackle their medical issues. They didnt have a family doctor the wife was pregnant and the husband had had his leg amputated. However he arrived with a prosthetic leg it was old and did not fit properly causing pain and difficulty to move. Therefore the client was not able to look for a job or attend EAL classes. A referral was provided to BridgeCare Clinic for medical assessment. As a result all the medical needs of the family were detected and proper referrals were provided to vision care dental care and other medical specialists. The most important was the referral to orthopaedic services. As a result the client received a new properly fitted leg at no cost. Through the referral to EIA other medical costs were covered. The Client was able to get a part-time job and is planning to attend EAL classes alternating with his wife so she can also attend classes. They are both very happy and thankful.26 OUR PRIDE AND JOY IS THAT WE MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON CLIENT LIVES. EVEN IF WE SEE PROGRESS IN AREAS THAT MAY SEEM MINOR TO THE MAIN STREAM POPULATION IT ASSURES US THAT CLIENTS ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH TO A SUCCESSFUL SETTLEMENT. The clients language of origin is Kirega but they are able to communicate in French. The family needed assistance in shopping safe and healthy cooking and use of modern cooking appliances. Both adults have very high blood pressure and their diet had to be appropriate. The Life Skills Trainers provided instruction about the use of an electric stove taught the clients how to use safe non-toxic cleaning products and how to properly clean their apartment dishes etc. The clients were trained how to shop for food which might substitute for their cultural preferences. Through joint cooking classes clients learned how to cook in a healthy way to preserve nutrients and how to preserve food. As a result the clients are able to find products they like prepare their own healthy meals which allows them to maintain their blood pressure and prevent future health problems. The clients were amazed at the support they received and the positive impact on their life that they asked for additional support in healthy snack preparation for their children. FAMILY OF SIX FROM CONGO 27 MIIC FAREWELLS 2014 - 2015 We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill As our accountant for more than 20 years our dear Ali bid us farewell in January 2015. Alis contributions to MIIC are many namely as our financial and operational administrator. His gentle kind thoughtful manner and jovial smile will be missed. We wish Ali a very happy and much deserved retirement ALI JALILI MIIC Board staff and the greater settlement sector were shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of our dear friend colleague and IT Manager Masoud Moradi. Masouds passing left a huge void at MIIC and at other community agencies that Masoud worked with on behalf of refugees. An avid reader poetry and music lover Masoud brought his gentle way of approaching things when working with MIIC staff. We will miss Masoud. MASOUD MORADI After serving for over 26 years at MIIC in various positions Carlos Vialard left MIIC for new opportunities. His contributions and commitment to MIIC clients will always be remembered and appreciated. We wish Carlos all the best. CARLOS VIALARD 28 Summarized Financial Statements MARCH 31 2015 29 30 31 32 Looking at a financial document can be just a bunch of numbers for many people. However I believe that numbers talk and tell the story of the services and programs that we deliver at MIIC to fulfill our mission. From April 1 2014 to March 31 2015 MIIC provided resettlement services to 513 Government Assisted Refugees counselling and settlement support to 400 Private Sponsored Refugees to 1300 new and returning clients. If we add all these numbers MIICs employees made a difference in the lives of 2213 individuals. To carry out all these services the agency administered a total of 2.9M in revenues of which 69 was invested in salaries and benefits for employees and 15 in infrastructure reducing debt and accommodation for clients. The remaining balance was invested in staff training utilities hardware software printing materials office supplies consultant legal and audit fees among the larger amounts. I hope this gives the reader an understanding of the relationship between the numbers and the way funding is used and the tangible outcome of 2213 clients serviced at MIIC for the 2014-15 fiscal year. - Magaly Guzman de Diaz Director Of Finance And Operations Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. - Andrew Carnegie 33 THANK YOU TO OUR FUNDERS 2014 - 2015 Thank you to our funders. With your support Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council can enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve in a more rich successful and meaningful way. Our Core Funders Friends and Supporters We also thank private donors The Winnipeg Foundations Youth in Philanthropy YIP Program and faith group donors. 34 35 Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council inc. Welcome Place 521 Bannatyne Avenue Winnipeg MB R3A 0E4 Phone 204977-1000 Fax 204956-7548 facebook.commiicmanitoba Design Credits Sumegha Gupta NSD Tech